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Written and Published August 1, 2023

Conxxus Celebrates a Resounding Success at the Edgar County Fair with Free High-Speed Fiber Wi-Fi Sponsorship

Sullivan, IL – Conxxus, a leading provider of cutting-edge fiber internetsolutions, marked a milestone in its commitment to empowering local communities by providing free high-speed fiber Wi-Fi at the Edgar CountyFair. This groundbreaking initiative, a first for the company, delighted fair attendees and showcased Conxxus’ dedication to enhancing connectivity.
and enriching the experiences of eventgoers.
The trial run of providing free fiber Wi-Fi at the Edgar County Fair proved to be a resounding success. Fairgoers, vendors, and exhibitors praised Conxxus for elevating their fair experience through uninterrupted internet access, enhancing communication, and enabling seamless sharing of memories on
social media platforms.
“We were thrilled when we saw hundreds of fair attendees using our free Wi-Fi at the Edgar County Fair, connecting to their friends and family and sharing their experiences,” said CEO Zak Horn. “This successful trial run has motivated us, further, to extend our support to more local events and communities in the future.”
Conxxus’ cutting-edge fiber technology ensured that attendees enjoyed blazing-fast internet speeds and exceptional reliability throughout the entire fairgrounds. This sponsorship showcased the company’s unwavering dedication to supporting Paris as Conxxus invests heavily into bringing this state-of-art connectivity to the community.
Moving forward, Conxxus is committed to further enriching the communities it serves. The resounding success at the Edgar County Fair has invigorated the company’s vision of playing an active role in sponsoring additional local events, contributing to the growth and success of the regions it serves.

About Conxxus:
Conxxus, headquartered in Sullivan, Illinois, is a rapidly expanding fiber optic internet company, delivering high-speed internet services to small towns throughout Illinois. Presently serving tens of thousands of homes in 25 communities, Conxxus continues to invest in rural Illinois. Within the next 90 days, construction of fiber internet will be completed in another 45 Illinois cities, towns, and villages. By the end of 2024, Conxxus envisions serving more than 200 towns in rural Illinois, further empowering these communities with reliable and fast connectivity.

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