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Written and Published 8/22/23

Grand Ridge Groundbreaking


Conxxus had its first official groundbreaking ceremony at Grand Ridge, IL with Mayor Kay Hine!
It was a pleasure to speak with Mayor Hine about the new and exciting things coming to Grand Ridge, one of those being fiber internet.

We want you, the community, to come along every step of the way, so here is what to expect while we are in town.

You may notice some construction going on across town. Do not worry, that’s just us. We are Conxxus, a fiber provider owned by Metro Communications. We are building a fiber optic network in your town over the next few weeks so residents and businesses will finally have access to fast and reliable internet. Metro Communications has a fiber network throughout central and northern Illinois, primarily serving cell towers and large businesses. Now, using our private investment, we are building fiber networks in dozens of rural under-served Illinois towns.
Construction involves burying fiber conduits and cables throughout the right-of-way along every street. Once the fiber is laid, crews will connect the various glass fibers together. They’ll test the light signal through the fiber, and then begin connecting homes and businesses that have signed up.

We know it can be frustrating to have construction going on next to homes, but our crew works fast and efficiently to get in and out of each town as fast as possible. We also work directly with a landscaping crew to restore the areas that are dug up while we are working.
We want to leave your town in better shape than before we got there so anyone who may have a construction concern can call the Restoration Hotline at 217-728-0003 or submit a form here: Construction Issue Form
We will make sure the problem is good as new.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of construction. We are excited to be bringing fiber to your town! If you are interested in signing up for fiber internet can check out our website