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Published October 9, 2023

Conxxus Revolutionizes Connectivity with Launch of 2.5 Gigabit Internet

Conxxus becomes the sole provider of 2.5 Gig residential service in downstate Illinois, marking a significant milestone in fast and reliable internet. With Conxxus’s 2.5 Gigabit service, residents in select towns can now experience the future of the internet firsthand, opening the door to unparalleled advantages that redefine the way they connect, work, and play. It’s no longer about asking, “How fast is my download?” but rather, “How many devices can I get in my home.”
The 2.5 Gig service empowers users with symmetrical download and upload speeds, unlocking a world of possibilities for streaming, gaming, and sharing content. Residents can now enjoy lag-free 4K/8K streaming, instant downloads that complete in seconds, and seamless online experiences.
Conxxus’s 2.5 Gigabit service eliminates the days of bandwidth constraints. Customers can now enhance their work and learning experiences, whether they’re working from home, engaging in remote learning, or telecommuting. This service offers the reliability and speed required for productivity and success, enabling crystal-clear video conferences and faster file transfers.
Additionally, Conxxus’s 2.5 Gig service opens the doors to competitive gaming dominance, enterprise-grade video conferencing, and the ability to enable future technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and immersive 4K/8K virtual experiences.
To find out if your town is eligible for Conxxus’s 2.5 Gigabit internet service and to learn more about how this revolutionary upgrade can improve your home and daily life, please visit

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