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Published 4/5/24

Conxxus Fiber breaks ground in Oblong, Illinois


Conxxus, a leading fiber internet provider in rural Illinois, is thrilled to announce the initiation of construction for their high-speed, 100-percent fiber-optic network in Oblong, Illinois. This endeavor aims to provide homes and businesses across the community with fast, dependable, and cost-effective fiber internet services. Construction officially commenced on April 3, marking a significant step in Conxxus‘ commitment to bridging the digital divide in rural Illinois. The construction process is expected to conclude by mid-July, with a targeted service activation date for residents in mid-October. 
Conxxus, headquartered in Sullivan, Illinois, has been at the forefront of delivering metropolitan-quality fiber infrastructure throughout Illinois, serving wholesale internet markets since 2000. With Conxxus leading the way, the team provides unparalleled internet connectivity to empower every resident and business in beloved rural communities like Oblong. 

Construction involves burying fiber conduits and cables throughout the right-of-way along every street. Once the fiber is laid, crews will connect the various glass fibers together. They’ll test the light signal through the fiber, and then begin connecting homes and businesses that have signed up.

Residents can learn more about what Conxxus is doing and what to expect during construction at Conxxus contracts with a local landscaping company to ensure the area is left in a condition as good or better than before construction. If residents have concerns, Conxxus wants to know and asks for details to be shared via the Restoration Hotline at 217-728-0003 or submit a form here: Construction Issue Form.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of construction. We are excited to be bringing fiber to your town! If you are interested in signing up for fiber internet can check out our website 


About Conxxus: 
Conxxus, headquartered in Sullivan, Illinois, is a rapidly expanding fiber optic internet company delivering high-speed internet services to small towns throughout Illinois. Presently serving tens of thousands of homes in 25 communities, Conxxus continues to invest in rural Illinois. The construction of fiber internet is expected to be completed in another 45 Illinois cities, towns, and villages within the next 90 days. By the end of 2024, Conxxus envisions serving more than 200 towns in rural Illinois, further empowering these communities with reliable and fast connectivity.