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Internet Troubleshooting FAQs

My devices are unable to connect to the internet or access websites.  What can I do?

  1. Verify that all equipment is plugged in and power lights are lit up.
  2. If determined that the equipment is on, it may need to be power cycled. Customers that have a two-unit system may need to do this on both the modem and the router.
    1. Unplug the unit from the back to turn the power off. Just flipping the on/off switch will not cycle the equipment.  It must be unplugged.
    2. Wait at least 30 seconds before plugging back in.
    3. All equipment may take up to 15-20 minutes to fully restore.
  3. If you have tried this and are still not able to connect to the internet after the system has come back on, or you are unable to physically power cycle yourself, please call the customer service team at 888-712-0177. We may be able to remotely cycle your equipment.

How can I run a speed test to verify that I am getting what I am provisioned for? 

  1. For customers using our Calix routers, you have the option to download the CommandIQ app. This will keep you updated on connected devices and offers a speed test feature.  When you run this test, the speed is pulled directly from the ONT/modem device so it can determine if there are issues within the line. 
  2. For customers who have their own router, you would need to connect directly into the ONT/modem to get a proper speed test result. Speeds tested off the router or a device connected to Wi-Fi can fluctuate.
  3. If you find that you are not getting the correct speeds, please call our customer service team at 888-712-0177 so that we can troubleshoot further.

I forgot my Wi-Fi password!  How can I reset it? 

Depending on your equipment, a customer service representative can assist you by phone.  If you have one of our Calix routers and use our CommandIQ app, you can find it in the app.  You can change your password within the app as well.

Why are my streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Prime) pixelating?

When your devices or apps start to slow down, it could be a few things.  The device may be moving outside of the Wi-Fi range of the router.  You may be connected to the wrong frequency for that device.  The simplest reason is that you may not be on the appropriate speed for the number of devices in your home.  Disconnect a few devices and see if this helps the problem.  If it does, you may need to upgrade to a faster speed to meet your needs.

My internet has been working fine but the last few days it seems to have gotten slower.  What can I do? 

Sometimes if your router has been online for a month or more, it can get bogged down in information and needs to be rebooted to get rid of the extra weight.  To do this, you will need to power cycle the equipment.  Directions are listed at the top of the page.

What is the data cap for my service? 

Conxxus does not have data caps.  Your bandwidth utilization will determine the best speed for optimal results.  Occasionally, you may need to upgrade equipment, add a mesh (extender) unit, or upgrade speeds to achieve this. 

Does Conxxus offer anything to help me protect my family while on the web? 

Conxxus offers the CommandIQ app through our Calix brand routers to assist you in keeping your family safe.  With this app, customers can set up guest networks, set limits to reduce screen time, and have the ability to control who is logged into the network.  This is extremely helpful in keeping others from getting access to your Wi-Fi signal undetected. 

How do I connect my devices to the internet?

Each device has its own set of instructions on how to connect to a Wi-Fi signal.  You may need to contact the manufacturer or search online for directions for that specific brand of printer, tablet, smartphone, etc.  While our customer service team is happy to assist you, they may not know how your equipment functions and are therefore unable to help.  If you need your SSID (Wi-Fi name) and password, we can certainly provide that information to make the login easier.

I am a current coax customer and have been experiencing outages in my area.  When is this going to be fixed so that my internet and tv are stable again?

Conxxus is committed to bringing rural towns the best possible internet experience by updating old equipment and lines.  Future plans are in place to eventually phase out the coax wires to fiber optic.  Unfortunately, this is a complicated process and a massive undertaking that cannot be done overnight.  While we apologize for unstable network issues, please know that Conxxus is working towards something better. 

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