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Phone FAQs

What is the cost for the phone service?

Phone service with Conxxus is a $20 flat fee per month. Federal tax rates are applied by law.

Are there different plans?

There is just the one plan for $20.  No extra fees or hidden long distance charges.

What features are included with the phone service?

Unlimited local and long distance, Call forwarding, Caller ID, Call waiting, Voicemail service, 3-Way calling, Caller ID block, Call Trace

Can I keep my current number?

It is possible to keep your current number.  We would just need to verify that it is available for transfer. Only landline numbers can be transferred.  Cellular phone numbers would not be viable for porting.

How does the phone work if it’s through the internet?

We use VoIP for our phone services.

What is VoIP service and how does it work?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.  It is a web-enabled phone service that is transmitted through a wired connection from your ONT or modem.  This type of service can be less expensive than traditional landlines and offer more features at no additional cost.

Does this mean that I need to have internet to have phone?

Yes, you will need an internet package with Conxxus in addition to the phone service plan.  This is beneficial because the two services can be offered together at a lower price than having phone and internet with separate providers.

If the internet goes down, does my phone still work?

Unfortunately, phone service would not be available if the internet connection is lost.  In some cases, a battery backup could keep the phone line active.

If I call 911, will they be able to find me?

When your phone number is set up with Conxxus, your residence will be associated to that number.  All numbers go through a verification process to ensure that first responders will have the correct and valid address.

What if I don’t want voicemail?

We can deactivate that feature at any time.

I’m not sure if I want a phone line right now.  Can I get one later if I change my mind?

Yes, you can add a phone line to your account at any time.  If you are porting a number, you would need to allow a few days for the transfer to complete.  New numbers can be administered sooner.

Does getting a phone impact the installation time of getting fiberoptic internet into my home?

If you are bringing your own phone number, we would need to allow at least 3 business days to transfer the number from your old provider.  Home installation would need to be scheduled accordingly to allow this time.  If you would like a new number, this would not cause a delay.