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When you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your Internet connection to fiber, you may have some options. In some communities, you can choose behemoth brands. Or you can go local with Conxxus. Who should you choose and why?

A local company like Conxxus actually has incredible advantages over the big dogs. Here are a few reasons why:

1.     We’re local, so we speak your language

You don’t want to be just another number on a huge company’s spreadsheet. You want to be understood and appreciated for who you are and what your internet needs are.

We at Conxxus have the local expertise and knowledge to speak your language and provide the kind of personalized service that you deserve. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the local market and can tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

2.      We care about your community

Conxxus is a locally owned company and we want to be involved in our communities. We sponsor local events, support local charities, and are invested in the success of the communities we serve.

To the big dogs, you’re just a number meant to appease Wall Street. To us, you’re friends and neighbors.

3.      We keep costs low and pass the savings to you

Conxxus can nimbly offer lower prices compared to the huge brands. Our headquarters isn’t some expensive skyscraper in New York City.

It’s on the square in Sullivan, Illinois.

Unlike the big dogs, our dollars aren’t spent sponsoring NFL, NBA or MLB teams. We sponsor little league teams in our towns.

In other words, because of our lower overhead costs, we can pass those savings on to you.

4.      Our backbone is a trusted and respected

While behemoth brands flirt with bankruptcy and are saddled with a dated, degrading infrastructure, Conxxus is backed by Metro Communications.

You may have never heard of Metro Communications. That’s because they don’t like to brag. We’re in the Midwest after all.

But if you use a cellphone in any of 60 counties in Central Illinois, you’re probably using Metro’s infrastructure that provides fiber internet to cell towers.

And that’s just a percentage of what Metro serves. No other local fiber provider can boast the support of Metro Communications that Conxxus receives.

Frankly, we at Conxxus are proud of Metro’s commitment to quietly building the most advanced and affordable fiber network to rural Illinois homes and businesses.

For Conxxus and Metro, it’s about supporting our friends and neighbors.

For the big dogs? Well, …they had a good run.